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About Us

Stafford Gage and Tool, Inc. was founded and established in 1947. The company headquarters is proudly located in Dayton, Ohio USA. Continual evolving innovative forces with manufacturing technology has steadily increased opportunity for success. The company has thrived and developed over the years with four generations of family leadership, dedicated employees, loyal customers and vendors. Each and every person that positively affects SGT is greatly appreciated. There is no substitute for experience. With an average tenure over 15 years, our team maintains consistent long-term relationships. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees (both on and off sites). The company applies its standards to all customer and vendor visitors to our facility.


Teresa Stafford (Business Owner) Joel Stafford (President) Jenelle Stafford (Treasurer) Lindsey Stafford (Secretary) Juliana Stafford (Assistant Secretary)


Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM


Company closes for holiday schedule per year. (1) New Year’s Day (2) Good Friday (3) Independence Day (4) Memorial Day (5) Labor Day (6) Thanksgiving (8) Day after Thanksgiving (8) Christmas Day. If a holiday date lands on a weekend day (Saturday or Sunday) the prior Friday or following Monday will be determined as a day off.

Excellence and Professionalism 

Over the many years, Stafford Gage and Tool has developed into a very successful and growing company. Three goals we keep at heart are... (1) To truly develop products with our professional services to meet each of our clients' highest expectations. (2) To achieve and maintain our highest level of quality service. (3) To ensure our clients always have a pleasant, understanding, and serene attitude from us.


Some jobs require material certifications, heat treating certifications, finish certifications etc. We can supply a Certified Form for jobs upon request.

Stafford Gage & Tool, INC certifies that parts ordered have been structured in conformance with the assigned Drawing, Part Number, Revision and are subject to the requirements set forth. Stafford Gage & Tool, INC certifies the manufacturing, assembly, testing, and / or the inspection of items completed per instructions. Material Certifications and Heat Treat certifications will be included with the Certificate of Conformance.

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